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Helping your Child Settle Into Foundation

At school, children benefit from becoming increasingly independent at doing many things for themselves.  It is advisable to begin teaching them to do some things for themselves at home before they reach school.

The following skills will help your child become independent and self-confident when they are at school.

Managing their own belongings:

  • Recognising their own belongings and their name
  • Undoing zips and buttons
  • Taking off and putting on socks and shoes, jumpers/windcheaters, coats, art smock
  • Turning clothing right side out
  • Carrying own school bag
  • Recognising the difference between play lunch and lunch

Taking care of their personal needs:

  • Independent toileting including washing their hands and flushing the toilets.
  • Boys using the urinal independently.
  • Using a tissue independently.

Some things to consider

Can your child:

  • Separate easily from mum and dad? (If your child has difficulty separating from you it is best not to linger in the classroom)
  • Follow directions?
  • Share and take turns with other children?
  • Express their needs clearly and confidently?
  • Communicate clearly using complete sentences?
  • Display confidence and be positive with new people and situations?
  • Be truthful and honest?
  • Display courtesy? e.g. ‘please’, ‘thank you’, ‘excuse me’
  • Manage frustration and anger?