Dederang Primary School

Where each child is challenged to be curious, creative and caring

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Teaching and Learning The Reggio Way

In a Reggio Emilia inspired environment:

Teachers :

  • See the children as strong, capable, competent, creative and curious.
  • Are interested in and listen deeply to what the children have to say/are communicating.
  • Believe children bring valuable experiences, theories, knowledge, skills and questions to school with them.
  • Are committed to sharing the children’s learning with parents and the community.
  • Place importance on understanding the children’s process of constructing knowledge.


  • Are seen as individuals within a group.
  • Are encouraged to share their experiences, ideas, theories, curiosities.
  • Are encouraged to explore their ideas and theories with other children.
  • Are encouraged to ask questions at any time and be encouraged to explore and express their ideas and theories in many ways.
  • Are given time to explore ideas and theories, and develop skills, free of time limits.

The environment:

  • Shows that children are valuable and respected.


  • Are valued by the centre/school as members of a learning community
  • Are encouraged to question, experience, contribute and embrace the learning taking place at the centre/school.
  • Are encouraged to share skills and knowledge with the learning community.
  • Are encouraged to celebrate the learning of the children with the entire community.
  • Recognise that there are many ways of thinking, knowing, understanding, expressing and being.
  • Are passionate about children and their learning.